SDnet revolutionizes press distribution
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It's an easy to use, very convenient, fast, and well structured application: on approving modules, invoicing, balances/customer.
Gabriela Vlad,
Distribution Manager

Bucharest 05 February 2007-Outsourcing Factory Inc. launched a new version of the ERP solution - SDnet, designed to facilitate the back-office work for the distribution, finance, and management departments in Romanian publishing houses.

SDnet is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution, specially designed for Romanian publishing houses, which offers support for the distribution and accounting departments. SDnet also helps the key decision makers in establishing the optimal business strategies.

How does SDnet revolutionize press distribution?

SDnet optimizes the entire activity of the distribution departments in publishing houses by taking orders, tracking sales, deliveries and returns through automatic generation of bills, expedition notes and labels, and by registering and tracking payments.

SDnet was created in order to reduce by up to 60% the time allocated for the distribution process, by automatically managing all the information about customers, circulation, editions, billing and payments. Also, by using SDnet the personnel in the distribution department can be reduced by up to 50%, thus having the opportunity to invest these human resources in other departments within the publishing house.

The information recorded in the system is accessible at any time and from any location via a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or via the Internet. It is possible to view, in real time, reports related to the sales and financial activities, thus being an incontestable support in setting development strategies. SDnet helps archiving all information related to clients and to publications in the portfolio and ensures the safety of the recorded information.

SDnet structure:

The Customers Module allows manipulation of the existing customers’ lists, rapid identification of all information and editing new records (clients and contacts).

The Products Module provides access to the stocks’ situation, to editing and structuring the products into categories of appearance, to defining editions of occurrences and to registration of stocks.

The Subscriptions Module provides both editing and mapping, and also managing customers’ subscriptions.

The Orders Module facilitates the mapping and generation of the editions, optimizes orders for broadcasting customers, allows publishing expedition notes (delivery, return, or additional), follows orders (demands, deliveries, returns), processes reports about generated orders and published expedition notes, and offers the possibility of transferring all of the history directly from or to Excel files.

The Invoices Module allows the automatic generation of bills (delivery, rectification, return), printing or deleting them and easy identification of those desired.

The Cashing Module allows viewing the status of payments reported to customers, data entries or customers’ categories.

The Reports Module provides real-time views of the orders, sales, receipts, clients and sub-clients status, provides information on customers’ accountancy, generates Delivered-Sold-Return calendars, sales journals, monthly editions, BRAT statements, and sales charts.

The Labels Module allows editing labels for subscription distributors and generates the bordereau for printing.

The Administration Module ensures the creation of the usage permissions and defines the coordinates used in the system.

So SDnet becomes the coveted partner in the press distribution!

Outsourcing Factory Inc. is a provider of professional solutions like Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Business Integration on the Romanian market, but especially on the international market. The company provides software solutions for multiple verticals and also outsourcing services targeted to these areas, both onshore / onsite and offshore. Outsourcing Factory Inc. is a team of professionals dedicated to innovative software development, with a wide experience, accredited as Microsoft or Sun partners.

The SDnet products and services are used throughout the world, including France, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, USA, Spain, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, South Korea, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Belgium, and Romania; among the most daring projects we mention: PlumChoice, Norman, eSkill, BiggestStars, Zynium, LexiBase-Online, Celuga and SDnet.

05 February 2007

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