Can Can
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It's an easy to use, very convenient, fast, and well structured application: on approving modules, invoicing, balances/customer.
Gabriela Vlad,
Distribution Manager

Case study Can Can


The Client

Can Can is a successful Romanian tabloid, very popular for its sensational and exclusive articles. The newspaper, edited by Cancan Media, is the youngest, most ambitious project to date and it is already among the top most-read Romanian newspapers.


The Challenge

The Can Can team desired an efficient distribution system that would guarantee the success of the newspaper from the first release. Due to the fact that the distribution manager was already familiar with the SDnet application and the standards that were brought in the distribution departments he had worked before, he wanted SDnet to be a guideline for Can Can’s distribution department too.


The Solution

Can Can was distributed with the help of SDnet from the first released newspaper. The SDnet standard application was perfectly capable of satisfying all the needs of the publication. The distribution process was optimized and the first newspaper was released in 200,000 copies. Due to the implementation of the SDnet application, positive results immediately appeared regarding optimum editions, returns, invoices, etc.



Implementing SDnet at Can Can was an important factor in reaching the publication’s business goals: growing the number of editions and their popularity on the market. As far as the distribution department is concerned, no changes or additional support are needed so far. Due to the success proven for the distribution department of Can Can, Cancan Media decided to use the application for the Ciao magazine also.

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