Clients say...
It's an easy to use, very convenient, fast, and well structured application: on approving modules, invoicing, balances/customer.
Gabriela Vlad,
Distribution Manager

Case study Publimedia


The Client

PubliMedia International is the publishing company of the Media PRO group, and one of the biggest publishers on the Romanian daily newspapers and magazines market. With a rich portfolio of publications (eight newspapers, eight magazines and two guides), PubliMedia International currently covers all the important segments of the market, including business press, women press, TV guides, spare time guides, specialized magazines for men, and magazines for special interests.


The Challenge

Having to handle a large volume of publications, PubliMedia International needed a management system that would fit the complexity of its distribution process. It needed an application that would promptly and efficiently meet the expectations of each stage of the distribution cycle of the publications edited by the company. For a publisher that respects itself and its customers, a complete solution such as SDnet represented a standard that was already assumed. The desired result was to handle a big amount of work in a short time, by using efficient resources.


The Solution

During the implementation, PubliMedia was confronted with the necessity of making the SDnet application compatible with the system they were already using for tracking and continually updating the activity of the distribution department. The solution of the accountancy department was promptly adapted to the standards imposed by SDnet, thus realizing an interface between the application and the accountancy software of the company, including export and data migration.

Currently being used by all the publications of the trust, the modules of the SDnet application have managed to meet the strict and exacting expectations of each publication.



The collaboration continues, and the SDnet specialists are monitoring and supporting the PubliMedia team in their endeavor to exploit the benefits of this application to its fullest capacity.

"I consider this software to be the best press distribution software on the market. I say this because it is based on the experience of people who work in press distribution and it was designed taking into account their requests for making their work easier.

Without this software it would have been extremely difficult for us to handle the multitude of problems that occur in press distribution. It also allows us to provide the management of our companies with information very fast"

Dan Apostolache, Sales Executive PubliMedia International

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