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It's an easy to use, very convenient, fast, and well structured application: on approving modules, invoicing, balances/customer.
Gabriela Vlad,
Distribution Manager


The SDnet application is structured in nine modules, which makes document management and report analysis easier.


Client Module

The Client Module allows the easy management of the existing client list, the rapid identification of information concerning these clients, and logging clients according to the categories they represent (detailed sales or distribution by subscription). Furthermore, the module offers the possibility to log and use data about the contact persons inside the client companies, and the information can be printed or generated into an Excel file.


Order Module

The Order Module reduces the order management time, by distribution by issue, generating the number of copies per issue, optimizing orders, editing notifications (for delivery, return or supplementing), tracking orders (requests, deliveries, returns), drawing up reports on the generated orders and the edited notifications, and being able to transfer the whole history directly to and from Excel files.


Invoice Module

Replacing the activity of at least one person (according to the size of the company), the Invoice Module ensures the accuracy of the accounting information, by automatic generation of invoices (delivery, rectification, and return), printing the invoices, as well as the easy deleting or identification of invoices.


Cashing Module

The Cashing Module is a support in generating full reports regarding the accounting situation of each client, by visualizing the status of the cashing compared to the clients, logged data, or categories of customers.


Report Module

This Report Module gives companies the opportunity to automatically generate any kind of report on the distribution activity and real-time access by visualizing the status of orders, sales, cashing, clients and sub-clients, and by generating Delivered-Sold-Returned calendars, BRAT declarations, and classifications of sales.


Product Module

The Product Module allows stock management for each publication represented by the publishing house and ensures the capability to change products, editions, frequency or issues, by access to stock status, editing products and structuring them into categories, defining apparition issues, and logging the stocks.


Subscription Module

The Subscription Module allows handling information both on the clients – subscription distributors –, and on the direct beneficiaries. In order to get prior information on the expiration of contracted periods, it is easy to assign warning alerts, which are very useful in the fidelity process.


Label Module

The Label Module facilitates the entire labeling process due to the automatic extraction of all the information in the system, the editing of the labels for the subscription distributors or for the detailed sellers, and the generation of the information for printing.


Administration Module

The Administration Module makes possible both the administration of the application access codes, and the establishing of the client categories, of the invoicing and payment methods, and of all the important data used in the application.

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