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It's an easy to use, very convenient, fast, and well structured application: on approving modules, invoicing, balances/customer.
Gabriela Vlad,
Distribution Manager

Bucharest 20 April 2007-Can Can’s daily distribution is handled from the first number with the help of the SDnet software.

SDnet, the software solution specially developed for Romanian press publishers, and designed to manage the entire distribution department’s activity, was acquired by the Can Can Media, for the Can Can newspaper.

An important factor in choosing the software solution was the ability to optimize and automate all processes necessary in the press distribution. SDnet proved these by taking orders, tracking sales, deliveries and returns, through the automatic creation of invoices, expedition notes, and labels and by registering and tracking payments. The Can Can management was already familiar with the SDnet developments and the benefits brought to the publishing houses where it has been implemented so far, therefore its use was preferred in the company from the beginning.

The Implementation and customization of the SDnet application was done against the clock in order to prepare the distribution of the first Can Can newspaper. In the upcoming period Outsourcing Factory, the company that developed SDnet, will complete an interface with the accounting program used by Can Can Media. Thus, all the data processed by SDnet (invoices, expedition notes, customers’ balances, etc) will be automatically taken into account.

Among the publishers who have already implemented the SDnet software are: Publimedia International, Convergent Media, R, Financial Week, Ed intact, PubliOne Media, PBR Publishing, Media On, Frigo Media, Media and Sport Unlimited Media House Press.

Smart Financial – 20 April 2007

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