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It's an easy to use, very convenient, fast, and well structured application: on approving modules, invoicing, balances/customer.
Gabriela Vlad,
Distribution Manager


SDnet offers different opportunities to access management services of press distribution according to the monthly number of copies, numbers of publications in the portfolio, or their occurrence, in order to ensure an adequate sizing of the investment in the SDnet platform.

SDnet packages address publishing houses and press distribution companies that have only one publication with local coverage and also to the ones that have more than 25 daily and monthly publications with national and/or international coverage.



SDnet Light package is addressed to those customers who have in their portfolio a publication with a monthly number of publications of 5,000 copies per month and local coverage.

The light package shortens the sales cycle and simplifies the publication distribution process.

Optionally, other modules can be added to the base package, to respond to the specific needs of the customer company‘s publication.



SDnet Start package is addressed to customers who have in their portfolio up to five monthly or bimonthly publications with a circulation of 20,000 copies and national coverage.

Adding new modules, specific to the customer company’s publication, can customize the base package.



The SDnet Pro package is for those customers who have in their portfolio up to 10 weekly publications, with press runs of 40,000 copies and national coverage.

The Pro package is useful to those clients for which national occurrence imposes a high quality standard for the offered distribution.

The package offers support through providing clear and concrete numbers, saving time resources, and generating strategic tools for business development.



The SDnet Enterprise package is for those customers who have up to 25 publications from dailies to monthlies, with national and international coverage.

The Enterprise package fulfills the needs for optimization of a distribution activity that handles 80,000 copies of a number of publications.

The package includes also the Subscription module, that facilitates the management of a large data volume and saves time, money, and human resources that can be invested later for more business development.



If the distribution activity of your company is not in our package description, SDnet offers you solutions for specific problems with customized packages to fit your needs and business plans.

After a complex analysis regarding your distribution activity profile, we will implement the optimal solution for your company.

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