SDnet launches a significant initiative
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It's an easy to use, very convenient, fast, and well structured application: on approving modules, invoicing, balances/customer.
Gabriela Vlad,
Distribution Manager

SDnet launches a significant initiative for the distribution press market

Bucharest, 06 November 2008 - SDnet, a software development company, and newAD communication held a launch even for a new generation of integrated management tool dedicated to press distribution under the Sales and Distribution Network, or SDnet.

The event, held on Nov. 5, at the Intercontinental Hotel, showed informatics solutions for managing and coordinating the distribution process in media companies to mass-media professionals. The agenda of the event reflected some of the major challenges faced by press distributors: the need to optimize and accelerate the distribution process, the sales cycle, the easy identification and handling of all information recorded in the system, and real-time access to reports on customers, orders, sales, editions, revenues, and accounting.

Dan Apostolache, distribution manager of Publimedia International, said during the event that this software contributed greatly to solving many problems that arise in the press distribution process. Mrs. Gabriela Vlad, distribution manager of the publication Can Can, said that SDnet has become one of the most important tools for the company that she represented due to its various functionalities: optimization of orders, sales charts, concrete lists with expedition notes, editions, bills, and many others.

Special guests were present at the event, like the representatives of the Romanian Office of Auditing of Circulation, including the CEO, Arina Ureche, who welcomed the initiative of bringing a new level of professionalism in the press distribution management by using these management tools, initiatives that ultimately are for the benefit of and support the growth of the Romanian press market.

A questionnaire was highlighted during the event, about the challenges faced in managing and coordinating the press distribution process, which will lead to improvements in the SDnet platform, and to the creation of new utilities with it. The study is also relevant for the managers in the press distribution companies as a benchmark for their own activities versus best practices in the market. The results of the study are available on request; a summary will be shown on the company website after the dissemination of the information. Photos and a summary of the event can be accessed at

About SDnet

SDnet is a company dedicated to the development of software products and services for press distribution. Among the publishers who have already adopted the SDnet software are: Publimedia International, Convergent Media, R, Financial Week, Ed intact, PubliOne Media, PBR Publishing, Media On, Frigo Media, Media and Sport Unlimited Media House Press.

About newAD

newAD Communication is a marketing and management consulting company that provides business development solutions in the fields of IT, B2B, and services, through effective strategy tools, in order to ensure measurable results at the level of business and sales.

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